Resume writing tips

Sample Resume Objectives

Below are some sample resume objectives you can use and tailor to meet your specific needs. For more information on what you should say and how to customize these sample resume objectives you should consult the first page in this series on sample resume objectives.

I will say this one last time - before jumping in and customizing one of these samples, consider carefully whether you want to include this in your resume at all.

Here are some for you to customize.

  • A position as a [insert job title advertised] allowing me to use my [insert skills or qualifications you wish to highlight]. For example;

    • A position as a senior Accountant, allowing me to use my attention to detail and focus to manage my own client list.

    • A position as an Intern, allowing me to use my academic knowledge of languages to translate documents in a real-life business communications environment.

  • An opportunity to [insert goal] in [insert organization, sector or field] where [insert qualifications or skills or experience you wish to highlight]. For example;

    • An opportunity to gain supervisory experience, within a network support environment where my skill and Mastery of Network Support will be utilized fully.

    • To join a sector research team, where my exposure to general research can be combined with my keen interest to specialize in depth in a narrow area of focus.

  • Your career goal or the organizations goal. For example;

    • To assist in providing support for teachers and students using sports facilities, and giving them an enjoyable as well as a professional experience

  • The position you are seeking. For example.

    • Network Support Analyst within a large network environment


Remember - It is not (just) about you, it is about what you can offer...

Ensure you customize any sample resume objectives to suit your specific situation.

Try to stay away from the soppy or overly idealistic - it bores the reviewers to tears. Something along the lines of the following sample resume objectives are acceptable.

  • Mechanical engineering graduate with 4.0 GPA seeking position as product design analyst.

  • Registered nurse with five years' experience in long-term health care facility seeking position as Director of Nursing.

  • Dedicated administrative professional highly skilled in office management and client relations.

  • To enhance the educational experiences of elementary students applying ten years of teaching experience and reading instruction certification.

  • A position in manufacturing requiring Six Sigma certification.