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Resume of Software Engineer

Sample Resume of Software Engineers and Programmers

Almost anyone working in a highly technical field will use a different format than that of a standard business resume. This is especially true when it comes to the resume of a software engineer. Areas that are likely to remain similar include;

  • An introductory profile,

  • A keyword summary,

  • A reverse chronological listing of employment, and

  • Education.

Look at the free sample resumes of software engineer provided later to give you a "feel" for the way to structure your resume.

A word of warning at this point (system interrupt) - it is very easy to spend hours and hours on the web endlessly and aimlessly looking to find the "perfect" resume sample...

There is no such thing. Your resume is a unique expression of who you are, use the guidelines provided here (it will open in a new window) to help you quickly develop your own winning resume.

Hints and tips:

  • Information that will be different for those in technical positions includes the information listed up front, which can include all
    • Hardware experience,
    • Software experience,
    • Programming capabilities,
    • Any specific consulting work,
    • Larger projects.

  • Because programmers often work on new products and rollouts, additional information regarding customer support and teamwork within the company is also important to highlight.

  • How this information is presented can vary greatly. Reviewing a number of free sample programmer resumes can give a good idea of the various ways in which to present technical and customer service information - see examples later...

  • As with all resumes, the most important information should be listed near the top.
    • A recent college graduate will be more likely to list education first, while
    • seasoned professional will likely list education last.
    • If you do have formal programming training/education be sure to list it.

  • All the standard rules of "what not to do" applies to all resumes including the resume of a software engineer. These include things such as
    • Avoiding spelling and grammatical errors,
    • Avoid writing in the third person and
    • DO NOT create an objective solely based on the applicant's wishes.

  • Some (special) areas of concern exist for people in technical fields.
    • For starters, your expertise needs to be obvious from the beginning. There is no point in burying your computer skills at the end of the resume when you are applying for a position in the computer science industry.
    • This does not mean, that you should bombard the reader with a bunch of technical jargon that will only make sense to the most experienced computer technician.
    • You never know who will be reading your resume, whether it is a person from human resources, a senior management person in programming, or a computer searching for keywords.

  • The general idea is to present your information in such a manner that you are able to include as many relevant keywords as possible while making sure a person who is not familiar with your field can get a good idea of what you are capable of doing.

  • If you have a high level of technical experience, you may want to consider creating two resumes: one for human resources, and one for professionals in your industry.

Be human!

Because programmers typically (have to) work with other divisions in the company, it is a good idea to demonstrate that you are human and more than a machine that sits behind a machine all day. A resume of software engineer should include any of the following that may apply;

  • Additional experience in management,

  • Supervisory roles,

  • Training,

  • Customer support,

  • Sales,

  • Or any other related area will increase your chances of selling yourself to an employer.

A well-rounded, personable programmer is a highly-desired employee.