How To Write A Business Essay

Let’s have a look at our first typical business essay question analyze a change initiative in an organization with which you are familiar and evaluate its success as you can see two task words in this question are first to analyze and secondly to evaluate so the biggest mistake you can make here would be to ignore one of those or to fail to understand what this question is really asking you to do second question to look at here evaluate the various types of accounting information most companies routinely use so note here the task word is evaluate now that’s very well worth looking at it’s not asking you to describe or to list but to evaluate and that transforms the question it would be a big mistake to misunderstand that word and to waste your time receiving a low grade for your work next up we have a longer question and here it’s extremely important to identify the task words and not to get lost in different parts of describe the leadership style of a manager with whom you have worked.

Identify any specific aspects of this style which were either well or badly suited to the organizational context and draw conclusions relevant to your own practice so although the question is long here we have three task words which need to be addressed in your essay describe identify and draw conclusions and they’re going to inform the structure of your answer next we have another question which doesn’t include these verbs but clearly also has different aspects different plants Pabst Blue Ribbon beer has recently lost market share what happened at Pabst and why how could this problem be avoided so here we have the question words what happened why and how could this problem be avoided again that’s going to inform the structure of your answer there’s no reason to jump in by just answering the last question there there are three stages which you’re expected to follow so what we’ve said so far is that you need to identify isolate the task word in the question think carefully about what it’s asking you to do.

What kind of information it requires so a question with analyze is asking you firstly to separate that topic into its essential parts disgust is asking you to look at alternate directions and points of view from which the topic can be studied and to explain the relationship between those parts that you’ve identified so identify clearly is asking you to say what is X it’s going to require you to say what class of items does X belong to so for instance if you are being asked to identify or define upward appraisal you’d first have to identify it as a kind of appraisal then what are its distinctive characteristics what are examples of similar type items how does X compare to others so for instance with uploading appraisal you should be able to identify those key features of upward appraisal compare it to other forms of appraisal and talk about similarities and differences between those.