How to Make Use of Every Self Development Resources You Have Ever Read

Right now, I am without most of the resources that inspired me to write this blog in the first place.

After moving to Switzerland, I did not have much room to be taking stacks of books on the first trip over here. Often only remembering fragments of what I’ve read in certain favorite books of mine, sometimes I really wish I could just open up that book and find closure to that thought that I just couldn’t put my finger on.

But there is a way to point your thoughts to make the most of what you have used.

Just sit back for a moments and ask yourself, why am I on the path of self development?

What was the motivating goal, or goals?

Was it a weakness you perceived in yourself that you wanted to change?

Was it that you realized that before you woke up to yourself that you feel you really have a lot of improving to do?

Was it because of your past failures with the opposite sex and your wish to make yourself more attractive or interesting?

Was it because you read books like Think and Grow Rich and suddenly felt the spark that was missing to your thoughts and your business?

For each of these reasons, you will read different materials and meet different people, but there will be one unifying goal of all of these people. Do you know what it is?

First, I will explain my Theory of the Three Loves. They are Love, Health, and Wealth – pretty easy to remember? A life focused on these three will be ultimately rewarding, if lacking in certain minor details on the way.

Love for life, love for God, love for others. Secondly, you cannot have health without love. You may disagree and note many hateful people enjoying perfect health, but I believe that they are on a steady downward path, while those attracted to love are on a steady upward path. Finally, there is wealth. Wealth not only in resources because wealth is a state of mind. It is the state of mind where you gift others before thinking of your own reserves. Wealth is the feeling of overflowing with something that you may give to others. Friendship, money, knowledge, whatever.

These Three Loves also point to a single direction. What is that direction I’ve already mentioned?


Quality of life can be the one focus of your life if you really wanted it to be, and it would be whatever quality you could ever imagine. It is the reason for my publishing of Lifehacks. It encompasses everything that brings peace and fulfillment to humanity and automatically leaves out what is destructive and unnecessary. Just one simple idea, one golden sunset can make all the difference and steer your vessel to where you are happy.

What do you think of when you read this blog?

What are you searching for? Is it one of the Three Loves? Whatever it is, if you put on the colored lenses of QUALITY OF LIFE to yourself and to others, you will digest self development material in a very beneficial way. You will, essentially, be mining quality of life pointers. Just like sifting for gold. You will sift for quality of life. After all, doesn’t it make you more productive if you have one unifying cause or purpose?

Ever seen that episode of Dr. House, where the billionaire father says something like “everything, every deal I have ever made touches to gold. I have the Merlin touch. Everything turns to gold, except my family.” And here his son was dying in front of him and he was already divorced with his wife. So what did he do? Despite the repeated pleas from his investors, he gave away and ultimately sank his whole enterprise to reverse what he thought was bad karma.
Of course his son lived in the end, because that is what happens in TV shows.

What this shows is that, as humans, we can easily be gravitated to one single focus.

In his case, it was the acquisition of new resources – wealth. However, other areas of his life stagnated. This is why focusing on quality of life is so powerful, because quality of life brings MULTIPLE foci, multiple projects that lead to your ultimate fulfillment. Love, Health, Wealth, and everything in between.

So whenever you ask yourself if you should do something, ask yourself if it is on the path of better quality of life? Your question WILL be answered, whether you know it or not.