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Examples of Teacher Resumes

Teachers resumes are unique because teachers are in a creative field, these resumes can have more flexibility than many "standard business" resumes. Examples of teacher resumes will be given later...

The use of graphics or different styles are often avoided in the traditional business world, but may be the perfect presentation for a teacher.

Preschool and elementary teacher resumes often have a "young" feel to them visually, but note that the actual wording should be professional and to the point - see the examples of teacher resumes.

Tips and hints

  • When perusing examples of teacher resumes, be sure to look through as many as possible. A good place to find more are employment agencies. I will direct you to a site dedicated to teacher resumes in due course...

  • As with all resumes, examples of teacher resumes can and do vary greatly depending on the individual's experience and grade level.

  • An elementary teacher resume sample may look very different from a sample education resume for a high school teacher.

  • Use your best judgment and then model your own document after a free teacher resume sample or sample teacher resume.

  • Do yourself a huge favor and browse through the rest of this site to pick up valuable tips about creating the perfect resume.

  • Teachers, in particular, need to be especially meticulous about proofreading. While no one should have any errors in his or her resume, any spelling errors or misused words are simply unforgivable in teacher resumes.

  • With all resumes, remember to tailor your resume to your own unique profile.

  • It is okay to model sample resumes, but be sure to find those that mimic your own experience.

  • If you are fresh out of college - stress your education and student teaching experience.

  • If you are a seasoned teacher, stress your continuing education, your ability to stay abreast of current teaching philosophies and of course your experience.

Sample teaching resumes