The Art of Writing a Great Resume for Designer position

April 6, 2017

Nowadays, it is becoming way more difficult to find the right resume for the graphics designer job, but it is not rare to discover some rejected resumes. Aside from making sure that your resume is structured carefully, it is equally significant to include the right and well written content. To prove your worth, you are required to send a resume which immediately catches the attention and proves to be an…


Resume Objectives

March 24, 2017

Overview Before you go off frantically searching all over the internet trying to find samples of resume objectives, consider very carefully whether you need one! Personally, I must confess that I (generally) hate them – this is simply because 99% of objectives are dead boring, soppy and do not tell me anything about the candidate I am trying to employ. If you decide to use a resume objective statement it should be specific and…