Another Self Development Suggestion

When you are able to laugh at yourself you relieve a lot of stress and presumed judgments from yourself. When we are hard on ourselves, people around us usually get the feeling that we will be hard on them too. When your intention is to befriend and be accepted by others, you should not make them feel judged.
This all boils down to security. Most people think that having a stern face, being short of and mean are signs of strength and authority, when in actuality its just the opposite. These are in fact signs of a scared and insecure person that is concerned with what everyone thinks.
The first person we report our actions to is ourselves. Once we take ourselves less serious and more easy our minds will assume other people perceive us the same. Being playful, humorous and easy going are actually signs of confidence and security, all qualities of someone taking their self development seriously.

Try these tips:
1. While walking around, just put a smile on your face. In fact as you are reading this right now, smile. The action alone has a huge effect on your whole body, translating to it that you are OK.
2. Practice a bit of sarcasm. You have to be very careful with this, but being humorous sarcastic can can lead to an ease of tension. Especially when you are the subject and those around you are provided with some light entertainment.

As always, thank you very much for reading my blog and sharing in my journey in living life fully not fooly.
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